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What is Cupping?

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Cupping is a healing therapy that originated in China approximately 3000 years ago. The most common form of cupping uses glass cups which are heated by fire and suctioned to the skin. Cupping can be done independently to improve a health issue or in conjunction with other therapies and methods of healing, either alternative or conventional.

What Does Cupping Do?
Cupping allows the capillaries to expand, which increases the flow of fluid, moving nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. It stimulates the blood as well as the lymph fluid….which is extremely healing.

Many Benefits of Cupping
Cupping has been used to address the following issues.
– joint pain – muscle pain or cramps – respiratory issues
– migraines/headaches – fatigue – scar tissue
– anxiety – depression – skin issues
– stomach pain – bowel issues – loss of appetite
– water retention – pinched nerves – infertility
– stress – congestion
…and much more!

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