Homeopathic Oils

Homeopathic oils include essential oils which are highly concentrated plant extracts that contain beneficial health properties, including – among many – relief from energetic stressors, improved bodily functions, and better skin. Oil supplements often denote the plant from which it was extracted, such as lavender.

Although various processes can be used to extract oil from a plant, the most common method is distillation. Essential oils are generally acquired from various parts of the plant including the roots, stems, leaves, and flowers. These natural extracts contain the fragrance and natural botanicals of the plant, making them useful in the production of essential or homeopathic oils.

Like all of our therapeutic-grade remedies, our oils are available only to affiliate practitioners or those who have taken one of our bioresonance scans.

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Showing all 10 results

The Potential Benefits of Essential Oils

If you are interested in maximizing the benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils, bioresonance testing can assist in your wellness journey. Some common benefits of our wild-crafted essential oils include the following:

  • Wellness for skin and hair: Skin and hair care products are often produced with essential oils for their anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and soothing effects.
  • Positive respiratory effects: When inhaled, some essential oils have been shown to have positive effects on breathing. Bioresonance scanning can help determine which holistic remedies are ideal for you.
  • Mental well-being: The use of essential oils through the sense of smell and skin absorption has the potential to provide positive effects which include anxiety relief, improved mood, and better sleep quality.

How Should Our Oils Be Used?

While essential oils are typically found in liquid or solid forms, there are some products referred to as “homeopathic oils” that may contain diluted homeopathic substances but are primarily used for topical applications. These products are often used for massage, aromatherapy, or skin skin issues. Homeopathic oils are typically diluted to such an extent that they may not contain significant amounts of the original substance but are believed to retain the energetic properties associated with it.

An essential oil supplement, sometimes called homeopathic oils, can be taken in different ways. Although some essential oils are safe for internal use, others aren’t so it’s important to know which products can and can’t be consumed. Be sure to carefully follow the directions on any remedy. A homeopathic consultation with a knowledgeable practitioner can help you better understand how your remedy will help you.

The inhalation of essential oils is known as aromatherapy. It works through the sense of smell and diffusers are often used in aromatherapy. Topical application is another method that involves applying essential oils to the skin to achieve positive skincare results. Order online today and use our oils as directed for optimal results.

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