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Living With Chronic Lyme Disease – Samantha’s Story

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What is living with Chronic Lyme Disease Like? Samantha Stupak’s Story.

Twenty five years ago, before I started Creating Balanced Health, I felt like I had the world at my fingertips.  I was unstoppable, in an amazing city, with a fantastic group of friends, and booming career in engineering. Yes, I wasn’t always in holistic health, running CBH Energetics, as my company is now called. 

Everything I knew came to a screeching halt within a month’s time.  What I thought was the flu, quickly escalated over a mere four weeks. I knew it was more than the flu. 

I went from healthy to completely bedridden. I went from doctor to doctor, much like many of our clients do. My blood results were “normal”, and I was offered everything from antidepressants to prednisone. 

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I felt like I had no answers.

The joint pain was excruciating, and the cold sweats were nonstop. The fatigue was beyond what I thought was possible, and I experienced delusion. It was such a scary time, and I was so young! My parents were very worried. 

Doctor after doctor, test after test, diagnoses were tossed around but nothing confirmed…..all the while my body and mind deteriorated, until I was bed ridden in a vegetated state.  I had seen well over 50 doctors, was put on countless drugs, and even did a month long stay at one of the most reputable hospitals in the world…only to be told it was all in my head

At no point was I ever just going to succumb to living this way.

After four years of a living hell, I found a naturopath that finally told me I had Chronic Lyme Disease. I laughed, as I had been tested over and over through the years, and nothing had ever been found or diagnosed. He was so confident in his testing accuracy, that he said, “Fine, you can go on the way you are, or take this regimen, work on this diet, and tweak your lifestyle and see how you do.

As this all sunk in, I thought, “Wow, a tick did this to me?”

I never had a bull’s eye rash, but could recall picking hundreds of ticks off myself growing up in Northern Wisconsin.  Finally I came to terms with this diagnosis, but had no idea what I was in for.  After trying antibiotics, that almost put me in the grave, I knew that the holistic route was the only thing my body could handle.  Six months into herbs, homeopathy, nutrition, and working on my diet, my body started to come back to me.

He got me back into society, back to myself, and gave me my life back.

He used testing similar to the testing we have here today.

In some of the darkest days I prayed to not wake up, but vowed if I ever got better that I would dedicate myself to helping those with chronic pain, fatigue, and illness. I entered into holistic health courses, becoming a certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Nutritionist, graduate from the Academy of International Bioenergetic Sciences, and I have studied under some of the most cutting edge doctors in Alternative Medicine.

One of them, Dr. Robert Cass, teaches in our Bioenergetics Certification Course!

So here I am….I have given myself wholeheartedly to helping those in need.

We do this through Bioresonance testing, and help those with Lyme and so much more. We have helped those with mold toxicity, digestive issues, skin rashes, and even emotional stress, all through energy testing.

Chronic Lyme Disease has been a bittersweet experience.  When I was sick, I temporarily cursed the world that surrounded me, until I embraced it.  I accepted it, as I knew at some point all of the suffering would help me to do something positive out of such a horrific experience.

Now here I am, trying to change the world…one client at a time through thorough testing, education, potent natural remedies, and most importantly….compassion.  Self compassion and compassion for others is necessary, as this journey has its ups, and its downs.

If you or someone you know struggles with pain, fatigue, digestive problems, confusion, sleeplessness, or other issues that leave in you stumped, I encourage you to reach out to us.  We offer 7 different type of bioenergetic testing, and create custom regimens, based on test results. The power of homeopathy, herbals and nutritional supplements created my foundation to heal, thrive and help others.

What you do today, can reflect on who you’ll be tomorrow.

If you are a holistic practitioner who also wants to offer this type of testing to your clients, apply here to work with us!