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7 Sensational Benefits of a Hormonal Imbalance Test

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Studies show that 80% of women suffer from some kind of hormone imbalance and men aren’t far behind.

With symptoms ranging from anxiety to hair loss, it can be difficult to discern when your hormones are responsible, and when these situations are circumstantial. So, what’s the best way to find out if your body is out of balance?

Get the answers you need with a hormone imbalance test.

Are you wondering what these tests can tell you about your health? Follow along and discover 7 of the amazing benefits that a hormonal imbalance test can offer.

Hormones are what our bodies produce in response to internal and external influences. They are responsible for regulating several bodily functions including your metabolism, quality of sleep, and more.

When we experience an over or underproduction of hormones, our bodies are thrown into an imbalanced state. This results in subtle symptoms such as hot flashes, weight gain, or irregular bowel movements. When hormonal imbalances go ignored, they can contribute to more significant problems and health concerns.

So, what are some of the symptoms of hormonal imbalances?

Do you find that regardless of how much sleep you get you’re still waking up feeling tired and lethargic? This could be a sign that there’s more going on than needing a sleep-in.

Fatigue is a common symptom of several hormonal imbalances. The issue could be stemming from something as small as an deficiency of progesterone, or it could be a sign of a more serious problem. Larger issues may require medical attention and bringing attention to them early can be advantageous.

If feeling well-rested doesn’t seem to be on the cards for you, taking a hormone test may be the first step to answering those “feeling-tired” questions.

A skipped period or inconsistent cycle can present an array of concerns for the female population. This irregular pattern can often be traced back to an uneven hormonal balance.

Progesterone and estrogen are mainly responsible for the regulation of your period. They fluctuate depending on the phase of your cycle and cue the body when it’s time to release an egg. If too much or too little of these hormones are present at different stages, you can experience early or delayed menstruation.

Once you identify the problem, you can introduce natural remedies to re-establish the balance and encourage normal cycles again. The management of these hormones have been known to balance conditions like PCOS, and of course, contribute to your future fertility.

Many of us experience an introduction of acne around the time of puberty. Although acne beyond the pubescent stage can have a number of contributors such as stress, diet, and toxicity, hormones continue to also regulate these unwelcomed blemishes.

Hormones are responsible for the overproduction of oils and secrete enzymes for digestion. If the presence of these hormones is irregular, you’ll notice the effects popping up on your face, back, or other areas.

Does it feel like no topical products will do the job? Are those once a month breakouts starting to become persistent problems? It’s time to make some adjustments on the inside.

Understanding which hormones are responsible can give you an idea. Diet changes, supplements, detox, and skincare regimens may help to achieve the flawless skin you’re after.

Believe it or not, the lining of your gut actually contains more cells for message transmission than your brain. Because of this, there are many ways your hormones influence the functions in your gut, one of which is digestive bacteria.

There are a number of good and bad bacteria that are present in the gut to facilitate breaking down food and metabolizing nutrients. Hormones are responsible for the regulation of these bacteria. An imbalance of hormones can mean a poor regulation of bacteria.

If your gut experiences too many or too little of the good bacteria, it can manifest in symptoms like nausea, bloating, or irregular bowel movements.

When hormones are out of whack, they can make you feel the same. Imbalanced hormones can even affect your brain’s communication paths and cause you to experience negative thoughts and emotions.

This can spark a period of feeling down and out, and make you more susceptible to depression or anxiety. If you can’t put your finger on why you aren’t feeling yourself, you could be experiencing this imbalance.

Luckily, there are measures you can take to restore function and get back to feeling yourself.

The old calories in vs. calories out method sounds simple enough but when you’re finding yourself eating less and less with no results, it’s a sign there may be more involved.

Unexplained weight gain or even a struggle to take it off can be associated with those pesky out of whack hormones. In fact, the hormones responsible will often influence which area of your body your fat storage is situated.

Although they say you may not be able to reduce fat, you can reduce the surplus of storage in these areas by returning these hormones to a healthy level.

Healthy hormones make for a happy body. Addressing minor imbalances early on can actually reduce your chances of more significant issues later on brought on by hormonal factors.

Sometimes we can have significant imbalances forming which present little to no symptoms, making them more difficult to balance later on. A hormonal imbalance test can bring attention to imbalances we didn’t know were present, which might encourage you to seek professional help.

You’ll have an opportunity to visit a health professional sooner than you may have without this valuable information.

The advantages are endless when it comes to understanding your hormones. If you are ready to discover what your hormones are doing and get on track to a more balanced body, it’s time to take action.

Ready for convenient results right from the comfort of your home? Order your bioenergetic at-home hormonal imbalance test today and discover what your hormones have to say about your health.