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Many Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth

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Diatomaceous Earth is composed of fossils from aquatic plants and animals that have been crushed up into a powder. It is not harmful to people, pets, or the environment, and can be used both externally and internally.

Uses for Diatomaceous Earth
There are several different ways in which Diatomaceous Earth came be used for both us as well as our pets.

1. Body Detox:
– cleans the blood & GI tract
– strengthens the liver
– expels viruses, parasites, heavy metals, & bacteria
2. Purify Water:
– used in many types of water filtration systems
– helps filter even very fine materials
3. Natural Pesticide:
– pierces the exoskeleton of insects causing them to dry out & die
– often used as a natural pesticide in gardens
– helps to exterminate bed bugs, dust mites, cockroaches, ants, fleas, & ticks
4. Strengthen the Locomotor System:
– improves bone mass
– in conjunction with collagen, improves joints & connective tissue
5. Strengthen the Skin, Nails, & Teeth:
– due to its abrasiveness, it can be found in toothpaste
– used in products to help exfoliate the skin
6. Keep Ticks Off Pets:
– can be applied to pet’s coat to help ward off and kill ticks
7. Natural Deodorizer:
– apply to foul-smelling carpets, leave for 24 hours, then vacuum

If you plan to use Diatomaceous Earth internally, make sure you purchase food-grade Diatomaceous Earth. For how to use and how much to administer, follow the instructions on the packaging.

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