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A Turnkey Solution for Holistic Health Professionals

When you join CBH Energetic’s affiliate programs for health and wellness, you join a network of like-minded health practitioners committed to providing holistic health to their clients. The goal of our holistic health affiliate program is to empower practitioners across the country and connect them via our affiliate community.

Here are some of the benefits when you become a member of our holistic affiliate program:

  • Discounts on remedies and supplements.
  • Our Scan First and Pay Later program where we send the tests to our affiliates for free and then only charge you once the tests are processed.
  • Private label option for bioresonance scans at no additional cost.
  • An exclusive network with passionate experts in bioenergetics.
  • Access to free monthly webinars.
  • Access to our private Facebook group.
  • Access to more clients through our referral program.
  • Access to numerous free educational materials.
  • Consulting on evaluating test results.
  • Complimentary marketing materials to place in your office.

Access to our bioenergetic scan library alone can be revolutionary for our affiliates. Each scan provides detailed information on hormonal imbalances, food and environmental sensitivities, toxins, and internal stress on 58 organs and 14 systems. This robust health information requires only a hair and saliva sample to get started. Empowered with this knowledge, our affiliates are able to create detailed, custom plans for their clients, yielding targeted results. And for those looking to learn even more, we also offer a bioenergetic training course.

Ever since I began using CBH Energetics’ bioenergetic scans with my clients, I have noticed an increase in overall engagement and a greater willingness to make healthy lifestyle changes. Starting my programs off with a scan, allows me to better understand what my clients needs are, while demonstrating that I truly have the tools necessary to help them make transformational life changes. My clients are so impressed with the results of the scans that I have also seen a significant increase in referrals. I am grateful to be part of the CBH Energetics community!

Jenni Floring – The Healing Plate

CBH Energetics has not only changed my life, but my client’s lives as well. Adding bioenergetic Scanning to my practice elevated my health coaching program to the next level, both professionally and financially. My clients have seen tremendous results after completing 3 scans throughout my 6 month program. They lose unwanted weight, gain more energy, have healthier skin, and are more focused. Client engagement has increased as well because they are seeing measurable results between each scan. Combining their results with my health coaching program, I’ve received a continually growing number of referrals. This has helped my practice grow by a huge magnitude. Thank you CBH Energetics for helping me find balance with all of my clients!

Jaci Salley – Sprout Nourishment


CBH Energetics holistic health affiliate program members see a notable difference in client engagement and adoption of remedies after joining the program. We’re proud to equip our affiliate members with the tools they need to provide clients with detailed, actionable health information and solutions.

After joining CBH Energetic’s affiliate programs for health and wellness, health practitioners have seen:

Boost in revenue

Boost in referrals

Increased client engagement

Better understanding of client needs

Improved adoption of lifestyle changes

Increase in positive reviews and ratings

Clearer results for clients

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Our holistic health affiliate programs work with health practitioners all over the country to better the health and wellbeing of their clients and business. 

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