All Products: Bioenergetic Tests and Therapeutic-Grade Holistic Remedies

We offer a full range of bioenergetic tests, consultations, and natural remedies to help you find the right solutions to balance your energetic health. With our bioenergetic scans, we can determine an effective remedy regimen to manage bioenergetic imbalances or resonating toxins. Our full spectrum of bioenergetics testing and homeopathic products online may help you reduce stress and balance your health, sending you on a confident path to future wellness.

Bioenergetic Scans

Our full-spectrum bioenergetic scans are designed to identify your energetic health needs with a simple hair and saliva sample. Our bioresonance scanning options are thoughtfully designed to test for a wide range of imbalances or specific bioenergetic concerns (Dietary ScanBalancing Scan, and more). These non-invasive scans may help identify your system stressors, including nutritional and hormonal imbalances, environmental sensitivities, and general resonating toxins.

Holistic Remedies

Our wild-crafted natural remedies are high-quality and therapeutic-grade. Due to their potent nature, they are only offered for bioenergetically directed use. Our remedies are only available for purchase directly through CBH Energetics and our affiliates after you have received your results from a bioenergetic test. Every remedy corresponds to a wellness concern identified in our bioenergetic scanning process. Once you complete your bioenergetic testing, you will be able to purchase therapeutic remedies as a CBH Energetics member.

The more you know about your body, the more you can do to make positive changes. Browse our exclusive selection of therapeutic-grade holistic remedies. Discover more about each product and their uses below, or get in touch to connect with one of our experienced bioenergetic practitioners.

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Showing 1–16 of 911 results

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