Is it okay if my hair is colored/dyed for the sample?

Absolutely! Colored hair will not affect the scan results.

What if I don't have a large enough hair sample or any hair at all?

If you don’t have a large enough hair for a sample, you can send both hair & nail clippings. If you do not have hair, please send nail clippings from all finger and toenails. The more we have is always better.

Does the hair need to be from the root?

No, any part of the hair is fine to use from any area of the body.

How long does it take to get my results?

Once we have received your samples we ask that you allow roughly 3 weeks for your results, which you will receive notification via email.

Every return envelope has a tracking number under the return address!  Before you drop them in the mailbox, be sure to jot that tracking number down, or take a picture of it!  Now you can keep an eye on your samples as they make their way to us!

How does a scan benefit me?

This innovative scanning process will take the guesswork out of unknown stressors. It will pinpoint areas of the body that are energetically stressed. By utilizing this information positive changes can be made. The remedy testing portion of testing is invaluable to take the guesswork out what balancing remedies your body needs.  This could include a combination of herbal & homeopathic remedies as well as nutritional supplements.

What if I only want to know what remedies and supplements my body needs?

If you are not interested in doing the Full Scan, we offer a Remedy Scan that includes a list of remedies and supplements energetically balance well with your hair & saliva. This scan is also completed using hair & saliva samples. The Remedy Scan does NOT include the following information except the remedy testing portion.

Can I start with any scan I choose or do I have to do the Full Scan first?

You decide which scan to do, although the Full Scan is the most popular and most comprehensive place to start. Each scan is listed on the Home Page.

How many times should I get scanned? Is once enough?

Everyone is different. Each scan can provide you with priceless information that may never require another scan again. Others use the initial scan as a baseline and each subsequent scan can show someone’s progress over time. We see that the most common scanning is for a client to do three back to back scans and then maintenance scans every 6 to 9 months.

What ages do you work with?

We work with ALL ages. We have worked on infants and clients over 100 years old. As long as you can get a saliva sample along with some hair or nail clippings, we can scan them.

What is your return policy?

For scans purchased at CBH Energetics, we will refund your full purchase if the test kit has not already shipped out. No test refunds will be made after the collection kit has shipped out. For any promotional purchases, please contact the seller directly. Unopened remedies may be returned within 10 days of purchase minus shipping costs and a 20% restocking fee. Return postage is your responsibility.  Any products that have been opened are not eligible for refund. You agree to this policy when you complete your purchase.

Should I stop taking any non-essential supplements prior to taking my samples?

It would be ideal to take your samples after 3 days of avoiding any non-essential supplements. If you are on any prescriptions or supplements prescribed by your doctor or that you are uncomfortable not stopping for 3 days, please be sure to let us know in your Health Questionnaires.

Why don't I see my results or my previous tests on my dashboard?

If we are in the midst of testing your samples this is normal.  You will not see anything until we have emailed you that your report is ready to view on your dashboard.

What amount of hair do I need from my samples?

We need roughly 1 teaspoon worth of hair for the sample.  More is always better.  If you cannot collect 1 teaspoon worth of hair from anywhere on your body, then also include finger or toenail clippings in the same baggie.

What scan should I start with?

 We recommend starting off with a Full Scan, which is the most comprehensive and contains all aspects of every other test we offer.  Many people like to do a Remedy Scan between Full Scans to keep things in balance at an affordable price!

Do you test DNA?

No, we are not testing the DNA.  We test your hair and saliva to bioenergetically analyze stress, resonating toxins, food/environmental sensitivities, hormones, nutrients, and for a balancing holistic remedy regimen.

Do you test for Lyme?

We do not test for or diagnose lyme, or any other diseases. This type of testing falls into the holistic health realm and we are analyzing the energy that emanates from the samples.  While this is not a diagnostic tool to be confused with any type of western medicine testing, we are able to test stressed or weakened digital values throughout the hair and saliva. This information allow us to make changes in a positive direction!

Will I get specifics on toxins?

We only list the origin of resonating toxins in the report. This means there has been exposure to this energy and your hair and saliva are holding the pattern of it. We are able to test the generalized category of resonating toxins and these are provided within the report. This powerful information helps to understand various energetic stressors throughout other areas of the report and System Performance.  

I have not received my package

Once your order has been placed and shipped,  CBH Energetics will receive a tracking number and Proof of Delivery.   Once a package has been delivered, CBH Energetics is not responsible for lost, stolen or missing packages.



What happens if I send in multiple samples from one person at a time?

We have had a couple people send it multiple samples with different names listed on the samples at one time.  Please note that we are testing energy fields so once the initial set of samples have been tested, the energy field from the second set of samples will almost always shift.  What happens here is that the samples are exposed to  energy of our digital testing equipment during the testing process based on the energy that emanates from the samples.  Some people are so sensitive to energy that they feel that slight shift in energy even after the testing has been completed.  Powerful stuff!  So please save your money and send in one set of samples at a time. To learn more about this please check out the Physics Observer Effect.

Will my supplements or medications mask any readings?

Certain supplements and medications can mask readings within the Systems Performance and Sensitivity sections.  This will tell you that what you are taking is keeping that bioenergetic system in balance, which is great to know!  Also, we will be able to see stress factors that could influence those masked areas….allowing you to get to the root of the stress!

What is your subscription cancellation policy?

Your subscription will end automatically after 12 months. Cancellation of your subscription may be made at anytime. There is no cancellation fee, however, if you do not complete the entire subscription you signed up for you will be required to pay full retail price of any services you have received. The monthly payments made will be deducted from this total. Lost or misplaced kits can be replaced from CBH Energetics for $15.00/kit.  If you choose to cancel your subscription please call 612-812-9121. Any unused kits must be returned in new condition prior to cancellation. If a subscription is cancelled prior to receiving order in the mail the first payment will not be refunded.  Kits will be shipped out in order according to your subscription throughout the entire year.

*Subscription packages are for individual use only.

**No refunds will be issued on subscription payments.

Can I edit my Health Questionnaire, I forgot to add something.

There isn’t a way to edit, but you can send us an email with whatever you want to add and we will make sure to add it for you!

How can I tell if my samples have reached you if I haven't received an email?

Every return envelope has a tracking number under the return address!  Before you drop them in the mailbox, be sure to jot that tracking number down, or take a picture of it!  Now you can keep an eye on your samples as they make their way to us!

What happens to my samples after testing?

All samples are securely locked after testing . After two weeks, the samples are destroyed by incineration. Samples are never saved or sold.

Do my samples have to be submitted within any specific time frame?

All test kits and scans must be used within one year from the date of purchase. No replacements or refunds will be issued for any unused test kits.

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