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Why Supplementation & Natural Remedies are Critical in Today’s World

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We live in a fast-paced world where more is often viewed as better, where cheaper is better, where easier is better, and where instant gratification seems to reign. Some would say that having instant access to so many things has made life easier for us or more convenient. Although this may be true, is convenience the right path for us? Is it the healthiest path for us? There are some doubts as to whether our current generation of children will live as long as their parents. We are seeing a rise in unhealthy bodies, obesity, diseases, and cancer. Why is this? Am I contributing to it? Are you?

Nutritionally Deficient Environment
Our once nutrient-rich soil is now lacking in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Family farms are diminishing, and industrial farms have taken over. The main focus of industrial agriculture is higher yields of crops. Crops are being grown at such a fast rate that they do not produce the nutrients they once use to. Because of this we are not getting the optimal amount of nutrients we need from those foods. Many farms today are monoculture, only growing a single crop or raising one specific type of livestock versus polyculture, multiple crops or animals being produce or raised in the same area. Growing one crop in the same soil year after year destroys the nutrients found in the soil. When the nutrients are depleted, crops grow weak and chemicals are needed in order for the crops to grow well. The chemicals that are used then contribute to further reduction in soil nutrients. Monoculture farming can also increase pests and the spread of diseases, which then requires the use of more chemicals. Not only do these chemicals end up in our soil, but they also end up in our air and can seep into our ground water. With polyculture farming and crop rotation, the soil remains rich with nutrients, and the crops handle pests better. Many of these farmers also help keep the soil rich through the use of foraging animals such as pigs and chickens, creating a healthier outcome for all!

Do You Know What Your Eating or Not Eating?
We are also nutrient deficient due to our food choices. Many of us eat way too much of the wrong foods. Agricultural subsidies are offered to farmers that operate factory farms and for the production of high fructose corn syrup, both having close ties to the fast food industry. As a result, we have become addicted to junk, processed foods that contain no nutrition. We have all heard what bad food can do to our bodies. But what does good food do? Let’s take a look! Consuming eggs from pastured hens has shown an increase in omega-3s, an essential fatty acid. Beef from pastured cattle contains higher levels of B vitamins, beta carotene, and Conjugated Linolenic Acid (CLA). Heimloom crops versus hybrid varieties increases the overall nutrient density found in the vegetable or fruit, in turn, allowing our bodies to assimilate more of the good stuff!

Toxins Surrounding Us
Our bodies are constantly being exposed to toxins. Toxins can be found in and on the food that we eat, they are in our soil where we walk, run, & grow crops, and toxins are found in the air we breath. We encounter toxins in our workplace and in our homes. Toxins are used in many types of furniture and clothing, and are used in a number of cleaning items. While some toxins cannot be avoided completely, there are a number of thing we can do to reduce our exposure.

1. Buy local & organic foods when possible. This is not always doable and may get expensive. If finances are a concern, at least avoid conventional foods found on the dirty dozen list.
2. Have your soil tested for heavy metals and other potential toxins. If you like to garden or run around your yard barefooted, you may want to test your soil to find out the levels of various heavy metals and chemicals. Toxins that end up on our shoes or feet can be tracked into our homes, and if you are a gardener, you may be exposed to these toxins through your skin or through consumption of the foods that you are growing in your garden.
3. Opt for furniture & clothing made with organic materials. The materials and dyes used in fabric often contain chemicals. There are certain fabrics that are good to avoid, and going organic is the best option. Going completely organic with furniture & clothing can be challenging & expensive, so choose to clothe certain areas of your body with organic materials (ahem…think underwear & bras). For furniture, avoid microfibers and fabrics that contain fire retardants.
4. Use natural or homemade cleaners. Many household cleaning supplies are loaded with harmful chemicals. Use greener products or make your own using simple ingredients such as vinegar & baking soda.

Be Proactive
At no point in time were our bodies ever designed to live like this. Some of the issues we have mentioned are not issues we can change on our own and they cannot be fixed over night. So what can you do to help your body right now? We do have the ability to supplement, cleanse, and fortify our bodies on a regular basis through the use of remedies.

Supplementing with essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and fatty acids helps our bodies to utilize nutrients that we cannot fully received from our food. Supplements work in conjunction with a healthy diet. Doing one or two cleanses each year, gives the body an opportunity to detox and reset itself. Much like spring cleaning our houses, it is also important to ‘spring clean’ our bodies. As we age and become exposed to more toxins, certain systems and organs of our body become stressed. Fortifying these areas and giving them the extra support they need with herbals and homeopathic remedies can help keep the body in a healthy balance.

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