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Detox Bath 101: How to Cleanse Your Body Naturally

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Detox Bath 101: How to Cleanse Your Body Naturally

As we go about our daily lives in this increasingly toxic environment, our body accumulates toxins from the air, our buildings, food, and yes, stress.

The body produces it’s own chemicals as by products of stress.

These toxins can cause stress on body systems, and may lead to fatigue, digestive problems skin issues, and sometimes chronic illness. Detox baths offer a natural and effective way to eliminate toxins in an attempt to work towards creating balanced health. They also can add a much needed mineral, magnesium.

If you have a resonating imbalance in magnesium on your CBH scan, a bath with epsom salts is a simple addition to your weekly routine that does more than detoxifies.

In this article, we will provide an overview of detox baths, their benefits, how they work, types of detox baths, ingredients required, how to prepare for a this type of  bath, steps for taking a detox bath, post bath care and tips, and answer some frequently asked questions about detox baths.

If you’re new to detoxification in general, make sure to read this blog post here!

Introduction to Detox Baths

These type of baths are more than a natural and effective way to eliminate toxins from our body. They can be calming and support your stress levels and nervous system. Simply by soaking in a tub of warm water, mixed with natural ingredients that help in detoxification,  baths are an excellent way to relax and unwind after a long day. They can help in improving your overall health and well-being.

We find that the top systems that show stress on our Full Scans are:

  • The Nervous System
  • The Digestive System
  • Cellular Metabolism

A detox bath can support all three!

Benefits of Detox Baths

There are several benefits of detoxification baths:

  1. Eliminates toxins: Detox baths help in flushing out toxins from our body, which can stress your organ systems.
  2. Improves skin health: Detox baths can improve our skin health by removing impurities and dead skin cells, leaving our skin looking and feeling healthy and radiant.
  3. Reduces stress: Detox baths can help in reducing stress by relaxing our mind and body.
  4. Enhances sleep: Detox baths can help in improving our sleep by promoting relaxation and reducing stress.

How Detox Baths Work

Detox baths work by creating a warm and relaxing environment that helps in flushing out toxins from our body. When we soak in warm water, our pores open up, and toxins are released through our skin. The skin, which is part of the Integumentary System, is said to be one of the largest organs in our body.  A detox bath will help you sweat a bit, as part of your bodies natural detox abilities. Detoxing and creating balanced health is the goal.

A steamy bath just enhances this!

The natural ingredients added to the bathwater help in the detoxification process. We mentioned magnesium,  in the form of epsom salts. Epsom salts are a form of magnesium called magnesium sulfate.

Types of Detox Baths

There are several types of baths, and each type has its own set of benefits. Some of the most popular types of detox baths include the one we’ve mentioned:

  1. Epsom salt bath: Epsom salt bath involves soaking in warm water mixed with Epsom salt, which helps in relaxing our muscles and reducing inflammation.
  2. Baking soda bath: Baking soda bath involves soaking in warm water mixed with baking soda, which helps in balancing our body’s pH levels and soothing skin irritation. This is a great bath for itchy skin.
  3. Sea salt bath: Sea salt can add trace minerals to your bath water and help exfoliate your skin.
  4. Apple cider vinegar bath: Apple cider vinegar bath involves soaking in warm water mixed with apple cider vinegar, which helps in reducing inflammation and balancing our skin’s pH levels. It may also make skin smoother, and it has antibacterial properties.

Extra Ingredients for a Detox Bath

These extra ingredients for your personal spa and bath will depend on personal preference. Some of the ingredients used in detox baths can include:

  1. Milk for a milk bath: milk also exfoliates the skin, and can help with itchiness.
  2. Ginger: shredded ginger in a bath is one way to support yourself through a cold.
  3. Essential oils: rosemary, juniper berry, lavender, vetiver, the list is endless!
  4. Flower petals: adding in that nice spa touch.

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Prepare For Your Detox Bath

Before taking a detox bath, it is essential to prepare your body and mind for the process. Some of the things you can do to prepare for a detox bath include:

  1. Drink plenty of water: Drinking water before a detox bath can help in hydrating your body and flushing out toxins. Hot water and magnesium can dehydrate you, and many of us are dehydrated after a long day at the office. Make sure you drink water before you get in the bath.
  2. Choose the right time: It is essential to choose a time when you can relax and unwind without any interruptions. If you can stay in the bath for at least 10 minutes, you will receive the benefits.
  3. Set the mood: Create a relaxing environment by lighting candles, playing soothing music, and dimming the lights. This is more than a detox bath, remember? Taking time away from noise, screens, and demands is helpful for your nervous system, which governs your hormones and keeps you safe.

Steps for Taking a Detox Bath

Here are the steps for taking a detox bath:

  1. Fill the tub with warm water: Fill the tub with warm water, making sure the temperature is comfortable for you.
  2. Add any essential oils to the epsom salts: Do not drop your oils on top of the water. Add them to your salt, baking soda, or epsom salt first. Some oils on top of the skin can be irritating.
  3. Add the ingredients: Pour your ingredients required for the detox bath into the running water, and mix well.
  4. Soak for 20-30 minutes: Soak in the tub for 20-30 minutes, making sure to relax and breathe deeply.

Post Bath Care and Tips

After taking a detox bath, it is essential to take care of your body to maximize the benefits in creating balanced health. Some of the post-bath care and tips include:

  1. Keep drinking plenty of water: Drinking water after a bath can help in rehydrating your body and flushing out toxins.
  2. Rest: It is essential to rest after a bath to allow your body to absorb the benefits. Remember, this is also for your Nervous System!
  3. Moisturize: Moisturize your skin after a bath to keep it hydrated and healthy. If you have thyroid stress, you may have dry skin.

Frequently Asked Questions about Detox Baths

How often should I take a detox bath?

It is ideal to take a detox bath at least once a week to maximize the benefits.

Can I take a detox bath if I have sensitive skin?

Yes, but it is essential to choose the right type of bath and ingredients that are suitable for your skin type. Be careful with some of the essential oils.

Can I take a detox bath if I am pregnant?

It is recommended to consult your healthcare provider before taking a detox bath if you are pregnant.

Go ahead and start your detox bath.

Detox baths offer a natural and effective way to eliminate toxins from our body. They can improve our overall health and well-being by reducing stress, improving skin health, and enhancing sleep. By following the steps and tips outlined in this article, you can take a detox bath safely and effectively. So, go ahead, draw a warm bath, and enjoy the benefits today!

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