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The Many Health Benefits of Berberine!

Health benefits of berberine

Benefits of Berberine

Berberine is an alkaloid that originated from China and India. It is found in certain plants such as European barberry, Oregon grape, phellodendron, goldenseal, Chinese goldenthread, and tree turmeric.


Benefits of Berberine are some of the following…
– maintaining a healthy blood sugar
– improving high blood sugar
– managing weight
– strengthening the heart
– supporting the joints
– strengthening the GI tract
– supporting the immune system
– breaking through biofilms
– supporting the lungs
– strengthening the liver
– strengthening bones
– anti-aging
– lowering cholesterol
– lowering blood pressure
– fighting toxins found in the body
– potent anti-inflammatory

Taking Berberine
Berberine can be taken two to three times per day, typically in 500 mg doses. If taking berberine to assist with blood sugar, it is best to take it with or shortly after a meal.
**Berberine should NOT be taken if you are pregnant or nursing
**SPEAK with your DOCTOR prior to using if you have a specific health condition
**Use CAUTION if you have low blood pressure or if you are on blood sugar medication

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What is Bioenergetic testing?

Did you know that our body is made up of energy that is measurable? This type of testing falls into the holistic health realm. While this is not a diagnostic tool to be confused with any type of western medicine testing, we are able to test stressed systems of the body. This testing process has the ability to read the energetic resonance that emanates from the hair and saliva samples. These digital values allow you to make changes in a positive direction! When you are ready to take a new approach to understanding your health, bioenergetic testing is the option for you!