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Introducing Our Balanced Health Kids Ambassador!

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We are thrilled to introduce our new “Balanced Health Kids Ambassador”, Ava Nebben!

Ava is one amazing little girl who came to us this spring with some pretty serious digestive issues.  After working with us and BH Affiliate Health Coach Jaci Salley from Sprout Nourishment, Ava was able to bring her body back into balance and back on the road to living the life every nine-year-old should; full of health and vitality. To read more about Ava’s inspiring story, click here.

When Ava attended the Kids State Dinner at the White House, Michelle Obama encouraged the participants to “pay it forward’ and to spread the message to their peers about the importance of healthy eating.

“A lot of kids don’t understand that food is fuel in a very fundamental way, and sometimes they don’t listen to grown-ups, and they don’t listen to the First Lady. But many of them will listen to you because you’re living proof of that reality.”

IMG_1838Ava came to us looking for a way to help spread the Balanced Health message to help other kids who may be going through what she went through.  Out of her desire to help others, we deemed her the Balanced Health Kids Ambassador!  Part of Ava’s ambassador duties is to share her delicious recipes to not only inspire both kids and adults, but also to recognize the importance of healthy, clean eating.

Check out Ava’s first video on her award winning “Secret Service Pizza Delight”  , the recipe that won her a trip to The White House for the Kids State Dinner.  For her recipe, and for the recipes of other healthy kids, check out this link for a downloadable copy of the Kids State Dinner Cookbook.

We are both excited and honored to have Ava as part of the Balanced Health Ambassador team, helping to motivate, inspire, and spread the word for a healthier, happier world!