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What is Clean Eating?


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You are what you eat, as the old saying goes.  In the case of modern society, what we have to eat is dominated by artificial ingredients, added fats and sugars, and pesticides.

With so much food that’s either processed or preserved, how can we make sure what we’re putting into our bodies is healthy, fresh, and free of additives?

Say hello to Clean Eating, a growing trend in food and wellness.

What is Clean Eating?

While there are subgroups that take things to a further level, in a general sense, Clean Eating means eating foods as close to their natural state as possible.

What does this look like?  Instead of drinking apple juice, eat a fresh, organic apple instead.

Skip white bread in favor of whole wheat options, closer to how bread was made before the modern era.

The key terms here to remember are natural and fresh.

What Types of Things Should I Eat?

In terms of produce, as mentioned previously, find items that are in their most natural state.  Go organic, avoid processed, preserved, and dyed foods and challenge yourself to find alternatives to common favorites.

Craving a high-sugar, low-nutrient Popsicle?  Try frozen, organic grapes instead for a crisp, chilly snack.

Missing the crunch of highly processed potato chips?  Swap them out instead for the crunch of some organic carrot sticks with an organic yogurt dipping sauce.

There’s no end to the creativity you can employ when selecting Clean foods to eat!

What Types of Foods Should I Avoid?

Obviously, steer clear of anything processed, artificial, or otherwise not “clean,” – in its natural state.

This sounds easy, but there are some things people overlook.  For example:

Does Clean Eating leave room for coffee or alcohol?
Different Clean Eaters have different answers to this question, so you should go with your gut, so to speak.  A few cups of coffee isn’t going to hurt anything – just watch what creamers and sugars you are using.  Are they as close to their natural state as possible?  Or do they have chemicals and additives in them?

In terms of alcohol, this can be a mixed bag as well.  “Cleaner” alcohols would be things like plain wine or liquor.  Avoid beers and sugary alcohol drinks to avoid the needless calories and high sugar content.  But, if you’re not sure, you can simply forgo alcohol entirely.

Watch out for added sugars
Even seemingly healthy options, like fruit juice, should come under some scrutiny when you’re practicing Clean Eating.  Watch out for added sugar in foods that normally seem clean and healthy.  Many fruit juices contain added sugars for flavor, but don’t necessarily advertise that clearly.

This is another reason to pick whole grain bread instead of white.  White bread contains more processed sugars, not whole, natural grains.

What kind of meat, fish, diary should I eat?
Everyone draws their own lines when it comes to this question.  How fresh and how natural are you able to get these items?  Depending on where you live and what’s available, your options may be limited.

Definitely pick antibiotic free meats as opposed to other options.  Check your dairy products to ensure no preservatives or added sugars are marring their nutritional content.

Fresh fish is an excellent source of protein and nutrients, and is about as “clean” as you can get!

What are the Benefits of Clean Eating?

Weight Control: by taking in whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and more lean meats, you’ll naturally start to lose weight.  If you dedicate yourself to Clean Eating, there literally won’t be room for anything else in your stomach!

Blood Sugar Regulation: preliminary results suggest that clean eating is good for regulating blood sugar and may be beneficial to those with Diabetes.  Whole grains have a steadier effect on blood sugar than processed foods with added sugars, which makes blood sugar levels tend to spike and then crash.

Mental Focus: Even blood sugar levels means even energy levels, which tends to mean more mental clarity.  You’re more focused and able to tackle the day when your blood sugar and energy levels aren’t varying wildly.  Add to that a full stomach full of fresh, clean foods and you’re not worried about hunger either!

Reduced Stress and Anxiety: If you feel better physically, it correlates to feeling better mentally.  Also, research is still out on how food additives and preservatives may impact our mental health.  Avoid any negative effects by switching to Clean Eating, and know EXACTLY what you’re putting into your body.

How Do I Know if I Have Food Sensitivities?

Clean Eating won’t do you much good if you have food sensitivities you don’t even know about!  A Balanced Health Full Scan is the perfect way to see exactly what foods you may need to avoid.  Our Full Scan tests your hair and saliva samples against the bioresonance of different foods and nutrients.

From there, you’ll get an easy-to-understand report, laying out all of your results.  Besides food and nutrient imbalances, you will discover insights into your hormone balance, resonating molds and other toxins, and even how your 14 organ systems are functioning.

Get a clear picture of your health and wellness with a Balanced Health Full Scan – and know exactly what clean foods you should be eating!

*This is designed for educational purposes only and is not intended to serve as medical advice.

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