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Benefits of Mineralizing Water

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Locked deep within the earth lie minerals with a myriad of health benefits.  But how to reach them?  Luckily for us humans, natural hot springs offer us the nurturing properties of this special, mineral-rich water.

Thermal Water, or Mineralizing Water, is naturally occurring, vitamin and nutrient-dense water, typically extracted from hot springs.  Known for thousands of years to have healing and beauty properties, only now is the science backing up these ancient claims.

What is in Mineralizing Water?

Mineralizing water is as unique as the spring it was taken from.  But, generally, it contains the following:

– Sodium

– Calcium

– Silicates

– Iron compounds

– Sulfur

– Biocarbonates

– and more!

You can find pre-bottled Mineralizing water – we’ll talk about those effects below.  Just remember that the exact mix of minerals will be unique to that brand and/or the spring they acquired the water from.

How Can I Benefit from Mineralizing Water?

There are numerous ways to benefit from the revitalizing power of Mineralizing water.  Here’s a few ideas how:

Bathing in Hot Springs or Taking a Thermal Water Bath – This practice, also called Balneotherapy, involves bathing and soaking oneself in warm Mineralizing water.  Studies have shown that the warm water is able to penetrate the skin and work its magic!

Using Pre-Bottled Mineralizing Water – You can purchase bottles of Mineralized water, or find it in products like sprays, gels, and mists.  Check the bottle to see exactly what minerals are contained.  While warm mineralizing water has additional benefits, pre-bottled water still can have anti-inflammatory properties and soothe skin.

What are the Effects of Mineralizing Water?

Reduced Inflammation – Skin irritations and skin inflammation (such as eczema) have been shown to be reduced in folks using Mineralized water.

Hydrated Skin – Research has correlated using Mineralizing water and having skin that is softer, smoother, and more comfortable to the touch than bathing in regular water.

Reverse UV Damage – Mineralizing water may have antioxidants – again, depending on what natural spring it comes from.  Those antioxidants can help eliminate free radicals and may reduce your risk of sunburn or other kinds of UV-caused skin damage.

Calming Effects – The warm, calming effects of thermal Mineralized water can’t be understated.  Research has shown positive effects on stress and anxiety reduction.  Imagine soaking in a nice, warm bath – but with all the minerals to help keep your skin balanced and happy!

How Do I Know if I have the Right Mineral Balance?

That’s an important question to ask yourself, especially if skin health is a priority.

Luckily, a Balanced Health Full Scan can test for resonating vitamin and mineral imbalances, as well as sensitivities to food and environmental factors that may be impacting the health of your skin.

Not only will you get a full analysis of your body’s bioenergetic balance, but you’ll receive a unique-to-you list of remedies tested against your samples designed to support balance and optimal health!