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Finding Answers With Bioenergetic Testing

BH Blog Oct 2020

Have you seen a variety of different types of doctors who have put you on countless supplements, and you continue to suffer from chronic fatigue? Have you seen body workers or therapists every month for years, and still find that anxiety is a top concern? Digestive disturbances anyone? How many times have you seen a professional for this issue to find that it works momentarily and then regression sets in? Or that it doesn’t work at all?

Finding solutions for vibrant health, or even simply feeling ‘normal’ again, can be exhausting in and of itself. Trying to discover the ‘fix’ that you need can actually wear your body and mind down more as you try the many paths, medical or holistic, for healing. One of the most important things to remember is that every individual is just that, an individual. And what works for one person may not work for another.

What to Do When Its Just Not Working? In Steps Bioenergetic Testing!

bioenergetic testing
Bioenergetic testing is a comprehensive, stress-free, non-invasive test using a holistic and scientific approach. It has the technological capabilities to identify resonating stress and weakness in specific organs and areas of the body. Through these stressed and weakened areas, the test is able to identify imbalances (hormonal and nutritional), sensitivities (food and environmental), as well as disruptive energetic toxins. Pinpointing the areas of stress and weakness takes the guesswork out of what is happening within, giving an accurate approach to understanding the issues.

How Does Bioenergetic Testing Work?

The body is flowing with energy and different energy pathways, including all the cells in our body. Our cells carry an abundance of information. When we come in contact or experience things such as toxins, emotions, stress, etc., these factors get stored in our cells. This affects the energy in our body, and in general, how we feel. Learn more here!

One way to perform bioenergetic testing is through hair and saliva. How can this be? Well, hair follicles grow from blood vessels that contain information, and this hair holds your bioenergetic patterns. The informational patterns the hair holds can include resonating toxins, nutrients, hormones, sensitivities, and cellular stress throughout the body. Because every person has a different makeup and lives in a different environment, each hair sample is unique to the individual. Saliva glands secrete biological information and patterns as well. Saliva tests give information about hormones, sensitivities, and infections. As you can see, between your hair and saliva, much can be detected!

Many people utilize bioenergetic testing as their initial step in overcoming not feeling well.  They are finding that through this test, they are able to pinpoint the greatest bioenergetic concerns to work on to reach their health goals. Are you ready to understand your bioenergetic health? Find the best bioenergetic test for you!


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