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Bioenergetic Therapy: What You Need to Know

bioenergetic therapy

Do you want to experience more connection between your mind and body? Explore bioenergetic therapy options to increase your physical and emotional awareness.

Bioenergetics is the study of how biology and energy intersect. Scientists who study bioenergetics believe that energy is measurable and flows in pathways throughout the body.

It’s been discovered that proper energy flow in the body can become blocked by environmental stressors. Many ancient holistic therapies, such as acupuncture, have been used to improve energy flow in the body.

Today, there are also trained therapists who use different forms of bioenergetic therapy to restore their client’s energetic pathways.

Let’s look at the different types of bioenergetic therapies and how they could help you.

First, let’s consider why you may want to pursue bioenergetic therapy. There may be stress and tension impacting your body that you don’t know about.

This stress can lead to other underlying health issues. You may be experiencing blockages in your energetic flow if you are dealing with the following:

  • Hair loss
  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain/loss
  • Brain fog
  • Leaky gut
  • Allergies
  • and more

To identify underlying issues, you can do bioenergetic testing to look for the root of the stress. Testing can help uncover resonating hormone imbalances, food sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, and thyroid stress. It can also reveal issues caused by environmental toxins like mold and heavy metals.

Once these stress factors are identified, you can begin receiving bioenergetic therapy from a trained holistic health practitioner.

Bioenergetic therapy can range from talk therapy to massage therapy and lifestyle changes. What makes it unique is that your alternative therapy can be specifically oriented to you. It can deal with the areas of energy imbalance that need to be addressed in your body.

The mind and body are deeply connected, so talking with a bioenergetic psychologist can help release emotions and clear the way for better energetic flow. Your therapist will evaluate your emotional and medical history to identify how to restore your energetic pathways.

The benefits of talk therapy are numerous. It may feel intimate and overwhelming, but the emotional and physical breakthroughs that can take place make it completely worth it.

Unprocessed emotions can often leave stress build up in your body. Feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and depression impact the muscular system and make you feel physically tense. Regular massage therapy may help alleviate this tension and open up your energetic pathways, which can allow you to process emotions better.

Through bioenergetic testing, you may have identified specific resonating food sensitivities or nutrient deficiencies. If you didn’t know about these before, you could’ve been unwittingly putting your body under stress just from what you were eating.

Now that you know what your body needs more of, and needs to stay away from, your homeopathic health provider can devise a new diet plan for you. This individualized approach can help you feel better much faster, and you can learn to be in tune with your body.

Breathwork is an amazing way to connect your mind to your body. By focusing on the in and out motion of your breath, you can help open up your pathways for better energetic flow.

Bioenergetic breathing is a fast breathing technique that focuses on deep inhalations. Unlike other popular breathing techniques, you do not stop to hold your breath before releasing it.

Instead, create a circular breath, taking in a chest full of air and releasing it at about double or triple the pace of your normal breath. Don’t sacrifice the quality of your deep breath for speed. Rather, focus on complete breath cycles just at an elevated pace than usual.

This breathing exercise is usually done for several minutes at a time. It’s more challenging than you might think, but you’ll also find it to be cathartic and put you in a state of greater awareness.

Strong emotions may emerge during the exercise, such as sadness, anger, and frustration. Deep breathing can help unleash these suppressed emotions, so you may find yourself upset about trauma from the past while doing this exercise.

It’s recommended that you do this exercise with a trained bioenergetic therapist who can help you process what you’re experiencing.

Bioenergetic bodywork was developed by Alexander Lowen, MD, in the 1950s. The core belief around this work is that the body and mind are identical, so what goes on in the mind also takes place in the body.

Certain bioenergetic exercises may help release the tension in your body and also trigger greater emotional awareness in your mind. While these exercises are not a substitute for deeper therapy work, they can help unclog your energetic pathways by breaking up tension in your body.

Read more about Lowen’s bodywork exercises here .

At Creating Balanced Health, our goal is to help you connect your mind and body to understand whole health. Our holistic experts are committed to using natural health practices to help you live a more fulfilling life.

We use bioenergetic testing, which reads the energetic resonance that flows from hair and saliva samples, to help clients identify underlying stressors. From there, our practitioners provide the education and support you need to make lasting changes in your life.

Bioenergetic testing is a great supplement to traditional testing but is not meant to replace blood, urine, or stool samples. We recommend consulting your doctor for any additional testing you may want to get done.

Learn more about our testing process here .

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Being in tune with your mind and body connection will help you live a happier and healthier lifestyle. Bioenergetic therapy can give you the tools you need to reduce stressors and create open pathways of energy so you can thrive emotionally and physically.

Contact us today to get started with our team of holistic experts and experience the life-changing benefits of bioenergetic therapy.

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