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Another Tick-Borne Microbe? The Bourbon Virus

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The Bourbon Virus, believed to be tick-borne, recently took the life of a Missouri women. To date, the virus have been discovered in Southeast Kansas, Central Oklahoma, and eastern Missouri. However, this does not mean that ticks carrying this virus are secluded to these areas. Not much is known about this mysterious virus as only a few cases have officially been identified by doctors. Of those confirmed cases, the following symptoms were experienced:

Known Symptoms:
– fever
– fatigue
– rash
– headaches & other body aches
– nausea
– vomiting
– Low blood counts (making it harder to fight the infection)

How to Prevent Getting the Bourbon Virus:
As with all tick-borne toxins, knowing what to do before you go into the outdoors to prevent getting ticks, is crucial, such as:
– Using bug repellent
– Wearing long-sleeved shirts & pants that are light colored
– Avoiding tall grasses, woods, and brushy areas
– Checking for ticks upon returning from the outdoors
– Running your clothes through the dryer on high heat to kill any ticks that may be on your clothes

Unfortunately, there is no current treatment for the Bourbon Virus, all doctors can do is treat the symptoms. Research is currently underway to help individuals affected by this terrible virus.

If you are concerned that you or a loved one many be affected by a tick-borne toxin, please contact CBH Energetics at or call us at 612-812-9121.