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Signs of the Season: Sensitivities


Spring is underway, which means that sensitivities to this change in season will start to emerge, if they haven’t already. Some common signs of sensitivities are:
runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes
skin issues: eczema, dry skin, rashes
headache, brain fog, difficulty concentrating
digestive issues: bloating, constipation, diarrhea
sleep issues
emotional and behavioral issues
joint and muscle pain, swelling

What can you do to help your body naturally relieve and maybe even eliminate these sensitivities? (The suggestions listed below can be used for both environmental and food sensitivities):

1. Antigens and Homeopathic Phenolics-
Antigens produce antibodies, which help alleviate the hyper-responsiveness your body experiences from sensitivities. Phenolics are aromatics that help to decrease and sometime eliminate reactions to foods and the environment. It does this by neutralizing the body’s reaction to a particular sensitivity.
2. Herbs-
Some herbs can be used to help manage sensitivities.
Butterbur- decreases swelling in the nasal passage, therefore relieving nasal symptoms
Quercetin- this bioflavonoid interferes with the release of histamines that cause inflammation
Stinging Nettle- also interferes with the release of histamines and can relieve some issues caused by sensitivities
Myrrh- an anti-inflammatory that stimulates circulation to mucosal tissues, especially in the bronchial tract, throat, tonsils, and gums
3. Elimination Diet-
If you suspect you are sensitive to a particular product found in your home or ingredient found in the food you eat, remove that product or food from your environment or diet. Some common food sensitivities are dairy, wheat, soy, gluten, eggs, and nuts. Some common product sensitivities found in the house are cleaning products and fabrics. Eliminate the suspected sensitivity for about one month and see how you feel at that time. For some individuals it is helpful to keep a journal, recording what they eat and how they feel each day. On an elimination diet it is crucial that the food or product is completely cleared from your environment or body.

It is important to remember that pets suffer from sensitivities just as we do. Balanced Health and PetMedella has the ability to scan for over one thousand different food and environmental sensitivities. By doing a hair and saliva scan for you and/or your pet, you will gain the knowledge necessary to know what to avoid and how to work toward desensitizing your body so that you can be at and feel your best.