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Our Favorite Everyday Supplements

BH Blog Feb 2020

In the modern world, it can be quite challenging to get all of the nutrients our bodies require from our food alone. Of course, we should still try to eat a well-balanced diet loaded with healthy vegetables, fruit, good fats, some protein, and healthy carbs, but we need to realize our food is not what it once use to be. Over the years, our soil has become more and more depleted of nutrients. Lack of nutrients in our soil, means lack of nutrients in our food. So what can we do?

The following everyday supplements can help our bodies take in the nutrients that our food may be lacking…

everyday supplements

1. Multi Vitamin/Mineral– for general whole body health & support
**Avoid supplements that contain soy, artificial sweeteners, and  GMOs

2. Vitamin D3 – for immune health, better mood, brain support, & bone health
**Best to take a D3/K2 supplement as the K2 will help the body absorb the D3. Also best to take a alongside a good fat such as fish or fish oil, which also increases absorption. For more information on the benefits of vitamin D, click here.

3. Omega 3  for reducing inflammation, cardiovascular health, brain health, better mood, memory, & skin health
**The best source of omega 3 is fish oil containing both EPA and DHA. Smaller fish such as anchovy and sardines are a safer source as they will not contain the higher level of heavy metals compared to larger fish.

4. Probiotic– for digestive health, immune support, and to help rid the gut of yeast, bacteria, and parasites
**Look for a probiotic that contains live bacteria and a variety of strains.

5. Magnesium – for relaxation, muscle tightness, cardiovascular health, mood balancing, bone health, headache relief, sleep, neurological health, energy, and digestive support.
**Start with a small dose and slowly build up to avoid loose stools.

Some others to consider…

6. Vitamin C – for immune support, mental energy, cardiovascular health, and hormone balancing
**Look for vitamin C label ascorbic acid.

7. Zinc– for immune support, cardiovascular health, hormone health, gut health, and inflammation reduction

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