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Digestive Issues & Prevention


Many Americans suffer from digestive issues on a daily basis, but why? And what can we do to prevent these issues from happening in the first place?

The digestive system consists of the esophagus, stomach, and small & large intestine. Below are 5 common issues that effect the digestive systems of many individuals:

1. Heartburn:
Common signs- belching and/or a burning sensation in the chest following eating
Prevent- do not eat or drink 3 hours before going to bed, eat smaller meals rather than larger ones throughout the day, take betine hcl with each meal, and definitely quit smoking if you currently do.
2. Dyspepsia:
Common signs- burning, pressure or mild pain in the upper to mid abdomen, and a need to burp
Prevent- avoid eating foods that seem to cause an upset, and start taking digestive enzymes with each meal. If you also experience acid reflux, avoid eating or drinking 3 hours before bed and prop yourself up at night.
3. Irritable Bowel:
Common signs- gas, bloating, flatulence, constipation, and loose stool
Prevent- may be associated with sensitivities to certain foods or possible toxicity in the digestive tract. By finding out what a person is sensitive to, they can avoid these foods. Taking a high quality probiotic has also shown to be beneficial.
4. Dysphagia:
Common signs- difficulty swallowing or the feeling that food is stuck in the middle of your chest
Prevent- can be caused by stress, not chewing your food well enough, eating too fast, talking too much while eating, or food sensitivities. By slowing down while eating and focusing on food being chewed properly, this may help prevent dysphagia. It could also be beneficial to find out what foods a person may be sensitive to.
5: Constipation:
Common signs- hard or slow stools that can cause pain and strain to pass
Prevent- exercise on a regular basis, stay well hydrated, eat a healthy diet that includes plenty of fiber.

Digestive issues can be frustrating, uncomfortable, and may result in other health problems down the road. Before anything else, digestion needs to be functioning well so nutrients can properly be assimilated and elimination can be complete.

A healthy digestive system looks like 1 to 3 well formed bowel movements per day. You should not feel bloated, uncomfortable, or foggy after meal time. If you do, it’s time to take a look at food sensitivities, possible toxicity in the gut, or potential nutritional imbalances….all of which can play a huge role in your digestion.

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