Bioenergetic Scan Subscriptions Packages

Wellness is not a static need; it evolves just like you do. As time goes on, your life changes, and so do your wellness and bioenergetic needs. To help you maintain peak wellness, we put together comprehensive bioenergetic scan subscriptions to give you a variety of bioresonance scanning experiences throughout the year, all at a discounted price. When you purchase one of our subscriptions, you spend less than you would on each individual scan and get exclusive discounts on all our holistic remedies. Browse our subscription packages below to find the best fit for you and your health needs.

Showing all 4 results

Showing all 4 results

Maintain Your Wellness and Save

Life can get busy, and you may lose sight of how your bioenergetic health is changing. Let us help you stay in touch with your body’s needs. With our subscription packages, you’ll get a selection of scans mailed out automatically throughout the year. Plus, each scan comes at a discount, saving you time and money. Subscribers also get discounts on our therapeutic remedies, giving you the tools to maintain your ideal wellness. Make it easier to stay on top of your body’s bioenergetic needs with one of our scan subscription packages today.

Exclusive Access to Therapeutic-Grade Remedies

CBH Energetics members get exclusive access to all our wild-crafted remedies, made with clean ingredients and only available from our online store. Since our therapies are so potent, they are only offered to members. Each therapeutic-grade product corresponds to a bioenergetic need, helping eliminate toxins and correct supplemental and hormonal imbalances in body systems. As a CBH Energetics member, you not only get exclusive access to these remedies, but you also receive discounts on select products. Have questions about our bioenergetic scans, wild-crated remedies, or CBH membership? Contact us and we’ll be in touch.

Join Our Affiliate Network of Holistic Health Practitioners!

Connect with other holistic health professionals as part of the CBH Energetics holistic health affiliate program. Members get bulk discounts on scans and private label options on all bioresonance scans. Other benefits include:

  • Consultation on evaluating test results
  • Complimentary marketing materials
  • Access to our private practitioner Facebook group
  • Regular webinars
  • And more!

CBH Energetics affiliates report improved client engagement, increased reach, and better outcomes for their clients’ thanks to affiliates’ exclusive access to our scans, tests, and educational materials. Find out about becoming an affiliate and join our network today!

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