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Cortisol: What You Need to Know


Cortisol can get a bad rap…

Known as the “stress hormone” it makes sense to think that we want to ALWAYS keep it low. But as with anything (especially hormones) BALANCE is key!

Think of cortisol as our own biological alarm clock.

Cortisol is naturally high in the morning hours and is a crucial factor in our sleep-wake cycles.

Proper cortisol levels are also important for things like:

  •  Macronutrient utilization
  • Keeps inflammation down
  • Blood pressure regulation
  • Increases energy when needed

However, when cortisol levels remain unnaturally high, your body is in a constant ‘fight or flight’ response to varying degrees. This can impact our physical, mental, and emotional health in a myriad of ways….It may also lead to adrenal fatigue! (Check out our blog post  HERE to learn more about this topic)

But as with everything else, it is important to strive for balance, since consistently LOW levels of cortisol can impact various aspects of your digestion, blood pressure, and energy.

So how do you balance cortisol levels???

For the majority of us, balancing cortisol levels is rooted in many of the basic lifestyle practices that deeply impact our overall quality of life.

Here are some great rules of thumb to keep cortisol levels balanced:

  • Having a regular sleep schedule and good sleep quality/duration
  • Getting bright light/sunlight exposure in our eyes (ideally within the first hour of waking) in the morning
  • Keeping caffeine consumption at a reasonable level (and ideally waiting an hour after waking before that cup of coffee!)
  • Regular mindfulness exercises & meditation practices to help manage stressors
  • Proper breathing and/or incorporating a daily breathwork routine
  • Taking time for ‘play’ and regular exercise
  • Limit blue light exposure (or any bright overhead light exposure) in the evening hours
  • Adequate nutrition that is right for YOU

While we cannot escape the stressors of everyday life, we can be aware of them and choose how we react to them….and by controlling what we CAN control if our life, we will set ourselves up for success!

Do you know if your cortisol levels are out of balance?

A great way to understand resonating cortisol levels is though bioenergetic testing! Once you know what hormones may be imbalanced within your bioenergetic field, you can take the appropriate steps to get back on track and feeling your best!

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