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Do You Eat Clay? The Many Benefits of Bentonite Clay

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Eating clay or dirt may sound odd or very unappealing, but in the animal kingdom it is quite normal. Animals will frequently eat clay or dirt as a way of removing toxins or poisons from their bodies. In fact, many cultures throughout the world have used and still do use clay to eliminate toxins from the body both externally and internally. But what type of clay is safe to use?

What is Bentonite Clay?
Bentonite Clay or Montmorillonite Clay is aged volcanic ash. There are deposits through out the world, but one of the largest lies right here in the United States, in Fort Benton, Wyoming. When this clay is mixed with a liquid such as water, an electric charge is created. This electric charge has the ability to absorb toxins and release minerals which the body can then use. Common minerals found in Bentonite Clay are silica, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, potassium, and copper. Bentonite Clay also has the ability to pull excess hydrogen from the bodies cells and replaces it with oxygen.

Using Bentonite Clay in Our Everyday Lives
1. Skin:
– known to help skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, & chicken pox
– known to help with poison ivy, stings, bites, cuts, & scrapes
– can be added to a bath to detox the body through the pores
*If applying to a small area, combine clay with water to form a paste, apply to affected area and let dry, cover with bandage and let sit for 2 hours before wiping it off
*For a bath, add 1/4 cup of clay to bath water
2. Digestion:
– known to help improve issues with constipation
– known to help digestive issues in general by removing toxins from the gut
*Mix 1/2-1 teaspoon of clay with water per day, drink immediately
3. Immune System:
– known to help keep the lining of the gut healthy, which means particles will not be able to pass through the gut and into the blood stream, effecting other areas of the body such as the immune system
*Mix 1/2 – 1 teaspoon of clay with water per day and drink
4. Teeth & Gums:
– known to draw toxins from the mouth & gums
*Mix with water & swish like a mouth wash
*Bentonite Clay is also added to some natural toothpastes
5. Babies:
– known to help diaper rash
*Apply dry clay to red area & let sit for a few minutes prior to brushing off
6. Pregnancy:
– known to help nausea & vomiting from morning sicknesses
*Mix 1/2-1 teaspoon of clay with water per day, drink immediately (speak with your doctor prior to taking internally)
7. Pets:
– known to be safe for pets & can be used the same way

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