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What is Earthing?

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Earthing, also known as grounding, is being in direct, physical contact with the earth. What is the best way to do this? Walk barefoot outside, the soles of your feet in direct contact with the grass, sand, and so forth.

How Does This Work?
The earth contains energy, more specifically negatively charged electrons. Our bodies are excellent conductors of energy. As we go through our busy days, we often find ourselves on our phones, iPads, computers, and around other electronic devices. Even if we are not using these devices ourselves, we are still around them and therefore exposed to them. These electronics give off an unwanted charge, which our bodies, as excellent conductors, pick up. This unwanted charge can create free radicals in our bodies. Earthing helps to neutralizes these free radicals.

The Benefits of Earthing
These free electrons from the earth have been known to help the body in a number of ways by…
– reducing inflammation
– lowering blood pressure
– regulating heart rate
– improving blood flow
– improving sleep
– increasing energy
– improving sore muscles and tension
– regulating hormones
– creating relaxation & a sense of calm
Can’t Always Get Outside? Try Ginseng!
Sometimes it can be challenging to walk barefoot outside due to a busy work schedule or inclement weather. For those living in colder regions, we often find snow on the ground for a large portion of the year. Free radicals can still be greatly reduced in the human body through the use of herbs. Ginseng is one of the best herbs for fighting free radicals from electronic devices. Check out our product of the month, Gotacom, a combination of different herbs, including Kirin red ginseng.

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