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Living with Lyme Fund Winner – Meet Melinda!

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Balanced Health has the pleasure of introducing our 2017 Living with Lyme Fund Winner, Melinda Sander! Melinda will receive three months worth of free services and remedies from Balanced Health as she battles Lyme disease. The Living with Lyme Fund is Balanced Health’s way to give back to those who are chronically ill due to this terrible disease.

Melinda Sander is a mother of three children who began experiencing neurological issues approximately two years ago. Melinda says, ‘my cognition, focus, memory and attention span were suddenly non-existent…I didn’t feel safe to drive. I was always so scared that if I were presented with an emergent situation, I would not be able to make a sound decision. I constantly felt like I was in a dizzy state, standing on a swaying boat dock type feeling.’ Not long after the neurological issues, Melinda also began experiencing abdominal issues, heart fluctuation, muscle weakness, facial numbness, bone pain, abnormal nerve sensations, numbness and tingling in the limbs, difficulty swallowing, burning sensations on the skin, and visual/spatial issues.

In the course of two years, Melinda saw 23 physicians and specialists, and did not get the answer she needed. It was a family member who suggested the possibility of Lyme disease. Melinda found a doctor who agreed to test her, and the result came back positive. ‘I literally sat on my kitchen floor and cried for 2 hours when I got the results,’ said Melinda. When asked why she applied for the Living with Lyme Fund, Melinda replied, ‘For my children, and my husband. I have 3 kids, ages 4, 14 and 15. The amount of ‘Mom Guilt’ I carry every day is physically painful. My 4 year old has been raised to know that her Mom is tired and sick all the time.’

Melinda knows first hand what Lyme disease can do to an individual’s body and how it can directly impact loved ones. Because of this, she is determined to share her story and spread awareness.

Balanced Health will be working with and following Melinda’s progress in her journey toward better health! Thank you, Melinda for sharing your story with us!