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Brain Fog, Anxiety, Infertility, Oh My! A CBH Energetics Case Study

BH Blog Aug 2020

One of our incredible clients was willing to share her past health issues prior to working with CBH Energetics along with her results from her CBH Energetics hair and saliva scan.  Just wait until you read about her health outcomes after applying the information she learned and taking the balancing regimen!

Her Original Health Complaints:

  • brain fog
  • muscle weakness
  • fatigue
  • occasional chest tightness
  • heart palpitations upon waking
  • irritable bowels
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • infertility
  • miscarriages
  • difficulty sleeping
  • low mood

Her CBH Energetics Bioenergetic Results:
Systems Performance

The System Performance shows specific stress levels within 14 different systems. Below you can see that she is showing chronic stress in the following systems: digestive, endocrine, nervous, and locomotor.

Brain Fog

The scan also determined which areas specifically were driving down each system, which you can see here for her…

  • The endocrine system is carrying stress in the thyroidadrenalspituitary, and hypothalamus.
  • The digestive system is carrying stress in the large and small intestine, as well as the stomach.
  • The nervous system is carrying stress in the central & peripheral nervous system as well as the governing vessel.
  • The locomotor system is carrying stress in the joints and fatty tissue.

During her phone consult, the practitioners helped her to understand WHY these specifics areas were stressed.  We helped connect the the dots to understand how specific toxins, nutritional imbalances, sensitivities, and lifestyle can impact these areas!

Her Bioenergetic Sensitivities

CBH Energetics scans for 350 different food and environmental sensitivities. Below are the sensitivities that came up for this client. She worked diligently at  avoiding these as much as possible to remove that additional stress.

  • molasses
  • maple syrup
  • clams
  • shrimp
  • octopus
  • mussel
  • escargot
  • crayfish
  • crab
  • calamari
  • tangerine
  • strawberry
  • kiwi
  • grapefruit
  • cow milk
  • lactose
  • kefir
  • sodium fluoride
  • MSG
  • food dyes
  • potpourri
  • mold
  • dust
  • grasses
  • detergent
  • lawn chemicals

Her Bioenergetic Nutritional Imbalances

CBH Energetics scans for resonating nutritional imbalances within the body. These areas include vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, and enzymes. This client resonated low in the nutrients listed below and made it a habit to incorporate foods potent in these nutrients on a daily basis.

  • Enzymes: papain, hydrochloric acid, amylase
  • Amino Acids: tryptophan, taurine, proline
  • Vitamins: vitamin C, vitamin B6, folic acid

During her phone consult, the practitioner helped her to understand the importance of each of these nutrients.  To highlight a few of these nutrients from her report:
-Hydrochloric acid helps to break nutrients down and keep microbes in check
-Tryptophan supports sleep and anxiety
-Taurine calms the nervous system and heart
-Vitamin C supports histamine intolerances, mood, and inflammation
-Vitamin B6 helps to balance hormones, mood, and energy levels

Her Resonating Toxins

CBH Energetics scans for multiple categories of resonating toxins such as molds, mycotoxins, chemicals, metals, parasites, viruses, and bacteria.  This client had resonating toxins in the following areas: molds, chemicals, parasites, and viruses. This knowledge is so powerful as she cleaned up her daily living spaces to remove as many exposures to chemicals and molds as possible.  The balancing regimen helped to support the other categories of toxins that resonated.

Her Bioenergetic Hormonal Imbalances

CBH Energetics scans for the top four resonating hormonal imbalances. These imbalances often correlate to the systems of the body that are most stressed. This client resonated with low bradykinin, low parathyroid, low ACTH, and low aldosterone.  In working with one of the practitioners while reviewing her results, she was able to learn simple steps to support these hormones with a gentle, noninvasive approach.

Her Balancing Regimen

Following the results, a list of Balancing Remedies are scanned for. This list of remedies are custom to the client, and focus on balancing the areas of stress. This client had the following remedies below resonate. She was on these remedies for one month.

  • Nat Body Clear– Traditionally Supports:  Systemic cleansing and detoxification, Cleanse for organs of detoxification, Candida, Liver & gallbladder congestion, Digestive Issues, Bacteria & parasites, Enhances production of glutathione.
  • Aller Tox I– Traditionally Supports:  Food Sensitivities, Chronic Fatigue, Stomach issues, Headaches, Digestive Complaints, Skin issues, Chronic Inflammation, Breathing issues, Ear Infections, Behavioral issues, Microbiome imbalance.
  • Green Tea Catechins– Traditionally Supports:  Antioxidant, Energy, Fat metabolism, Reduced appetite, Blood glucose management, Neuro-protection, Cardiovascular support, Testosterone metabolism, Respiratory, Inflammation reduction, Detoxification support, Antiviral/bacterial, Digestive Issues, Skin.
  • ASuRA Brain– This formula has been used for brain health, head trauma, memory loss, learning & cognition function, neurological issues, immune support, HPA axis, for anti-aging, anxiety/fear, pathogen detoxification, brain drainage, tick-borne issues, and exercise intolerance.
  • Catazyme 7–  Traditionally Supports:  Most Digestive Disturbances, Bloating, Allergies, Heartburn, Constipation, Flatulence, Diarrhea, ileocecal Valve, Low Energy / Fatigue, Weight Issues, High Chlorophyll Content, Inflammation.


After one month of taking these balancing items, avoiding the sensitive items as much as possible, getting more of the nutrients she was low on, and cleaned up the toxins from her environment this client has noticed the following changes…

  • better mental clarity
  • more energy, especially in the morning
  • no chest tightness
  • no heart palpitations
  • decreased anxiety and stress
  • improved sleep
  • better mood

As you can see, this client experienced some amazing changes! She still has areas she’d like to work on improving, but her health is moving in the right direction and she feels like she has the support she needs along the way. That is certainly something to celebrate!

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