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5 Reasons to Hire a Holistic Health Practitioner.

Holistic Health Practitioner

5 Reasons Why a Holistic Health Practitioner is for YOU.

Unsure about hiring a coach or holistic health practitioner for your health and wellness goals? Have you had bioenergetic testing, and struggle to make sense of the test results? You don’t have to do a test with CBH Energetics to enlist a coach or practitioner for your health and wellness! In fact, if you’ve spent money on any kind of test recently, you may feel slightly reluctant to invest in a holistic health practitioner. 

This might be one of your biggest health mistakes! A holistic health coach or holistic practitioner can help you get a return on your testing investment.

One of our frequently asked questions is, “How can your practitioners support me with my Scan results?” Our answer is: almost anything.

This post will help if you’re thinking about investing in a Holistic Health Practitioner and you’re:

  • Confused about health and wellness information out there in the alternative health space.
  • Thinking about your health goals and don’t know where to start.
  • Thinking about hiring a Nutritionist or Holistic Health Professional to help create action steps with your bioenergetic scan results.
  • Reviewing your bioenergetic scan completed at CBH Energetics, with eagerness, but wanting a deeper perspective. 

You may desire help with your health issues or lifestyle change, but want to know if this investment will get you to your desired goals. After all, doesn’t every coach, nutritionist, or holistic practitioner offer things like support and accountability? 

And let’s be real here, the information on health and wellness on the internet is ABUNDANT. 

You can GOOGLE almost anything! 

  • “Healthiest way to eat?”  Check.
  • “Best tips for mold illness?” Yep.
  • “What to do if you think you have Lyme” That’s out there too. 

It’s ALL out there! In fact, you’ll find you come up with tons of search results for these questions alone. You’ll also uncover CONFLICTING OPINIONS, along with: conflicting supplement suggestions, nutrition advice, and too many tips to keep track of.  (Is your head nodding yes, yes, yes?)

You may find that information out there daunting, at this point. Now, that test that you did? It gets set aside, because you’re confused, and overwhelmed with your next steps. Maybe you know you need support, but don’t know how to find a professional that FITS YOU. 

Or understands your own experience. (Our practitioners support those with chronic illness, toxicity issues, and all kinds of lifestyle concerns. We take hiring our practitioners very seriously.)

Having a consultation with a trained nutrition professional or coach WILL help you reduce the overwhelm of information, and also put that test investment to good use. Before we dive into WHY hiring a health coach or holistic practitioner might be a good investment in your health, make sure that no matter who you hire, they are qualified.

Life experience in a shared journey, be it mold illness or fixing digestive issues is definitely a bonus, but we believe specific training certifications in nutrition, coaching techniques, and and specialty areas should be evident in anyone that you consider hiring.

We take this so seriously, we created a unique bioenergetic certification process for qualified holistic and allopathic professionals!

Here are FIVE reasons to hire a Holistic Health Practitioner, whether you have done a bioenergetic test or not!

  1. You DIDN’T reach that goal you wrote in your bullet journal.

    Bullet journal, tracking app, there are many ways to create goals, both digitally and manually. It’s one thing to SET the goal. What about ACHIEVING the goal?How many goals have you set, just to fall short of achieving them? We’ve ALL done it!Goal setting is important, and goals drive us forward, towards changing things for the better in our lives. Goal setting is just ONE part of changing habits. Did you know that over 80 percent of people never set goals for themselves? Out of the 20 percent that DO, 70% NEVER achieve the goals they set (1).
    The number sounds really high, doesn’t it?
    Does this sound like you?There are many reasons why you may not have reached your health goals, including fear, not being ready to act, not knowing your first step or … THE GOAL was TOO VAGUE, or TOO HARD.  A holistic practitioner or coach can support you in REACHING those goals, through many different coaching techniques.
  2. If you can’t emotionally connect to your goals, you need support.
    A holistic health practitioner can help you IDENTIFY what you VALUE before you make those goals. Have you ever given some thought to what you really value in life? If you haven’t, you’re not giving life, or as we like to say, ENERGY, to what is behind your goals.Goals made based on what you value, like mobility, or belonging, or relationships, or family time, are EASIER to achieve because they reflect your life and what you want. WHY? There is an identified EMOTION driving those goals. That emotion drives internal motivation!If you have internal motivation, rather than external motivation, you will have a higher chance of sticking to the actions that lead to your goals, and have a higher chance of getting to where you want to go! Internal motivation is like a back up battery, when the main power source fails. Motivation wanes in EVERYONE, especially if it is external motivation, or a goal is hinged on a short term event. Internal motivation is your back up battery when that initial pump of energy disappears, when the actions you’re making toward your goals seem like too much work.
  3. Are you UN-aware of your habits and patterns that lead to certain behaviors you want to change? You can use that “healthiest diet” you googled, but if you are not aware of your habits and patterns that derail you, then you may not reach that goal in the first place.

    It’s hard to see yourself objectively, and clearly. How can you? You’ve lived with YOU, all of you life, and are accustomed to doing things based on subconscious patterns, beliefs, habits and even outside pressures. Becoming aware of your habits and patterns, around health habits is best done with a coach, who can invest time in asking you questions you will NEVER ask yourself. 

    A good coach or practitioner will be able to reflect yourself back to you, so you can be aware of HOW you do things. By learning this HOW, you learn WHY, and all of this awareness can be used to facilitate CHANGE. Our Awareness Scan was created because we know that awareness is one of the biggest steps toward change!
  4. You can’t figure out what to PRIORITIZE when it comes to your health, and your goals. And you just want a place to get started that isn’t ridiculously hard and unachievable. We hear this a lot from our Full Scan clients. Many systems can show bioenergetic stress, and each system can require some TLC.📌 Where do you even start?
    📌 Should your digestion be the first thing to support?
    📌 Do you understand why?
    📌 What about tweaking your diet with more fiber or looking at your meal timing?
    📌 Are you thinking about your Movement, which is good for the lymph system, where does THAT fit in?You don’t have to run a scan with us to feel like there are too many places, and body systems to support!Getting started with goal setting, is a big roadblock for anyone looking into health and wellness practices. Having a practitioner is like having a partner in your wellness, who can sift through the noise, spend intentional time understanding (or co-creating) your value driven goals, so that you can spend more time in action.

    The action of working on yourself, NOT google searching or spending hours on YouTube.

  5. You’ve been searching for focused, targeted advice, around a specific health issue.
    More and more people are looking for advice around certain health issues, like mold toxicity or tick borne illness. Social media channels, influencers, and coaches are sharing about these topics frequently, and for good reason. It’s hard to find targeted advice around these health issues from certain practitioners.You’ve probably taken to the internet, and are piecing together a DIY approach to things you think are mold related or tick borne related.We think it’s great to empower yourself with all the knowledge you can on your specific concern!  HOWEVER, the nature of anything chronic means that you have cycles of fatigue, and apathy, AND that test you invested in? Again, it gets set aside, until your energy levels increase enough for you to take action again.  You really are no farther ahead with the DIY approach to your health.
    CBH Energetics has provided bioenergetic testing for people like yourself for well over a decade.

Our own Holistic Health Practitioners are familiar with the emotions and the frustrations that come from your experience with these issues.
Not only are they trained in many different areas of specialty, they wrote many of the modules in our certification course. We offer hope for your health, and to do that, we have a dedicated team that provides support for your testing.

Making that investment in a holistic health practitioner can feel daunting, we know. Yet we’ve seen the outcomes that are created, with even just one targeted session. Unsure of our testing or looking to create some goals for yourself?

Book a consult right here. Our practitioners provide easy and convenient phone calls to connect!



DISCLAIMER: This information is designed for educational purposes only and is not intended to serve as medical advice. The information provided on this site and in reports should not be used for diagnosing or treating any health problem or disease.