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2016 Living With Lyme Fund Winner – Meet Mary

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On May 31, Balanced Health was thrilled to announce the 2016 Living With Lyme Fund Winner. This individual is receiving $2000 worth of services! Balanced Health is specialized in bioenergetic scanning and holistic services and will be working with our winner for the next three months, free of charge. This is just one way in which Balanced Health continues to help chronically ill clients feel better.

Mary, our 2016 Living With Lyme Fund Winner, is a mother of three children ages 5, 3, and 1 years old. A few weeks after discovering a tick attached to her back, Mary began experiencing nausea, dizzy spells, and a stiff neck. Over time, this eventually led to brain fog, intense dizziness, burning sensations throughout her body, muscle aches and cramps, fatigue, joint pain, and many other issues. In addition, Mary’s health forced her to stop breastfeeding her youngest child at 11 months of age. Mary’s biggest concern is not being able to care for her children as the issues continue. Mary has previously sought help, but the financial expense has become a huge burden for her. The Living With Lyme Fund will hopefully provide Mary with the tools needed to help her start to feel better.

Balanced Health is excited to be working with Mary and following her progress as she begins this step-by-step journey of bringing her body back into balance!