Thymus Life Force

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  • Standard Dose:  One capsule two times per day
  • Under 120 lb Dose:  Ask Health Practitioner

Traditionally Supports:  Immunomodulatory, Maintain NK cell activity, Induces Th-1 support, Anti-viral, T-cell support, Candida/yeast Issues, Supports natural synthesis of cytokines, Assists in production of thymulin, Lymphatic support, Sinus Issues, Respiratory Issues, Toxin inhibition , Sensitivities.
Ingredients:  Rice bran sterol/sterolin 30 mg, Thymus Tissue 250 mg, Spleen Tissue 50 mg, Lymph Tissue 50 mg, Astragalus 100 mg, Monolaurin (Lauric acid coconut) 200 mg, Andrographis (Andrographis paniculata) leaves) 100 mg, Zinc citrate 25 mg, Maitake mushroom 25 mg, Shiitake mushroom 25 mg, Reishi mushroom 25 mg
(60 caps)