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If you’re struggling with diet and food sensitivities, our Dietary Scan is a great tool to help understand your health and food energetics. The Dietary Scan provides individuals information on your bioenergetic diet, including approximately 350 resonating food and environmental sensitivities and any energetic imbalance in key vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and fatty acids. With this valuable information, you can change your diet by adding and removing certain foods for a happier, healthier life.


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Comprehensive Testing

We have scan packages for a wide range of wellness concerns, from prenatal scans to full health scans.

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Professional Support

We have a friendly, knowledgeable staff available to speak with you about your results and recommend the best remedies for you.

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Personal Experience

CBH Energetics was founded by Samantha Stupak after discovering the life-changing benefits of bioenergetics first hand. We are passionate experts, committed to helping others along their health journey using bioenergetics and wild-crafted remedies.


When our body doesn’t feel good, we can’t be our best selves. For those experiencing discomfort related to diet and environment, doing routine tasks can be a daily struggle because their bodies just don’t feel right.

Our bioenergetic testing Dietary Scan is designed to get to the heart of what could be resonating in your diet that you need more of, or less of to avoid discomforts. We scan to determine your food energetics, including 350 various food and environmental sensitivities. Each scan provides up-to-date information on any energetic imbalance in key vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and fatty acids, among other factors. With this data, you’re empowered to make lifestyle changes that can help your body move and feel better.

Hair and Saliva Sample Collection

Discovering your food energetics through bioresonance scanning is easy. Simply send us a small hair and saliva sample, and our technicians will test to determine your unique bioenergetic dietary needs.

What’s in the Box

Once you place your Dietary Scan order, you’ll receive a test kit with instructions on collecting your hair and saliva sample. Each box contains containers for your samples and information on obtaining, collecting, and shipping your hair and saliva sample. You’ll also receive a pre-paid return envelope already addressed to CBH Energetics, making it easy to send back your hair and saliva sample which will reveal your food energetics from a nutritional deficiency and sensitivity perspective.

Personalized Report

We’ll email you once your personalized food energetics results are ready. To view your report, log in to your dashboard and click the available link. Each report provides detailed results from the bioresonance scanning of your hair and saliva sample. The Dietary Scan will give you results on your specific food and environmental bioenergetic sensitivities. If you’d like to go more in-depth on what these results mean for you and your lifestyle, contact us to learn about our one-on-one 30 minute homeopathic consultation.

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After collecting your hair and saliva sample, place them in the prepaid return envelope, taking note of the tracking number listed on the envelope under the return address so you can monitor your shipment’s progress. Once we receive your hair and saliva sample, we’ll begin scanning for your dietary sensitivities.


Is it okay to wait a few weeks before sending in my hair and saliva samples?
Feel free to send in your hair and saliva samples at any time. However, remember that each test kit must be used within one year of purchase.

Can I private label CBH Energetic scans for my own business?
Yes, you can! All CBH Energetic bioresonance scans have the option to be privately labeled by our affiliate practitioners. If you aren’t already an affiliate apply now to enjoy private labeling and many other affiliate benefits.

Does the Dietary Scan provide specifics on bioenergetic toxins?
The Dietary Scan focuses on environmental and food energetics and does not provide information on the origins of resonating toxins. If you are interested in your resonating toxins, we suggest trying our Full Scan for a total bioenergetic analysis.

Got more questions? We have answers! See more common questions and answers on our FAQ page.

How it works

Begin your wellness journey today.

Order Your Scan

We offer a variety of scans depending on your budget and health goals. Our scans include a sample collection kit, instructions, and a prepaid return envelope.

Send Your Sample

Our scans require a small hair and saliva sample for bioenergetic analysis. Follow the easy-to-follow instructions on collecting your sample, place it in the provided containers, and send it to us with the prepaid envelope. It’s that easy!

Get Your Results

Upon receiving your samples, our bioenergetic technicians will scan your sample for resonating toxins and stressors. Your results will be available in roughly one week after we receive the sample, and then you can easily access the results in your personal dashboard.

Find Remedies

Once your samples have been scanned, you will gain access to our comprehensive selection of wild-crafted remedies. Reference your results or schedule a consultation with one of our holistic health practitioners to find the right remedies for you based on your unique bioenergetic needs and to begin your individualized wellness plan.


I did this kit for myself and I loved it! I had been feeling horrible for about 2 years. With so many things going undiagnosed for so long, this really helped me see the light. I was able to find out what was going on with my body and started a natural health regimen and I am well on my way to feeling normal again. Best money I have spent! -Linsey-

More wonderful things are happening! I started taking the new remedies yesterday and today I woke up feeling very different! Not only did I sleep better but I had, what I can only describe as “less tightness” in my chest… something I guess I must have gotten used to…. but I feel noticeably better now! I also had a basal temp temp of 98.2 this morning which is a HUGE leap up from the 96.7-96.9 range that I’ve been at forever!  Feeling very optimistic. Thank you again for helping me!-Eva-

Thanks to CBH Energetics I have my life back. I have my energy back, I’m happier, I’m regular, and feel wonderful. My first experience with CBH Energetics was with a tumor on my pituitary gland that was causing many other issues in my body. With the help of CBH Energetics I was able to resolve the other issues as well as the tumor and feel so much better. Now I see them as needed to help my body through fatigue, food sensitivities, or any other issues that make me feel poorly. I am so glad I am able to go to CBH Energetics so I can take care of myself naturally. THANK YOU!-Mandy-

As a 50-year-old male, I sought out CBH Energetics for help with chronic back pain and a weight problem.  I was taking nine Ibuprofen a day and up and down on the scale my whole life.  The scans, remedies, and knowledge provided by CBH Energetics has totally changed my life.  This is not a miracle in a bottle, it requires you to make adjustments in your lifestyle.  Once I started feeling better and seeing changes, it only makes me want to continue to improve my health. I no longer use Ibuprofen, exercise regularly, and am down 40 pounds and holding strong.  Overall the biggest changes I’ve seen:  confidence with a good attitude, empowerment, energy, balanced living.-Mark-

Having this sensitivity screening available, gave us a peek as to why our youngest son was suffering. It has become a crucial guide for me as a nursing mother, knowing what I need to avoid eating. Now that our baby is eating solids, we also know which foods not to directly expose him to.-Ann-

I was impressed with the success my 4 year-old enjoyed as a result of CBH Energetics’ scans and remedies.. Being a bit older than him, I figured I could benefit from a detox. Sure enough, after a month of supplements, my period returned for the first time in 2 years after the birth of our second son. I really like how you get different remedies after each scan, the right remedies for what your body needs.-Bobbi-



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1 review for Dietary Scan

  1. Heather Stuart

    I purchased the Dietary Scan as a gift for my mother who has been struggling with a range of dietary issues. The testing and shipping process were very simple and easy to understand. My mother was happy with her results and now has a starting place to begin removing foods that don’t agree with her body. The company was a pleasure to work with! Definitely recommend!

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